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Hope you are keeping yourself and the family healthy and safe during this difficult time.  While we are hoping this pandemic comes to an end as soon as possible, we are also preparing for a potential long term battle against this virus.  Either with a short-term effort to make social distancing easier for everyone or a potential longer term society changes.  I am seeing Video/TV entertainment becoming more an essential part of everyone’s daily life now more than before.  While you might be seeing a short term decline in your business (or not), my believe is that the business is going to grow as our industry can help this world to joyfully go through this period of time.

As the boarders of many many countries have been shunt, my organization is well-setup for this type of situation and is prepared and ready to partnering with your company to (virtually) continue the business as usual for your international growth.  While Europe and US are currently experiencing its height of virus situation, which prohibits all air travels.  The situation in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China are stabilizing, WSL has staff resides in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China and other parts of Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam).  If you are considering expanding (or preparing for expanding), I believe this is a ripe time to do so.  WSL is equipped with:

  • Technology expertise in Video technology industry veterans with combining 100+years of experience in the OTT, IPTV, CableTV and Satellite, terrestrial TV and TV broadcasting industry.
  • Thousands of video industry managers, directors, VPs and CXOs contacts in the customer companies and/or distribution channels
  • Localization of different languages translation with video industry technology specific lingo to adopt your marketing needs for these markets.
  • Staff GOE-located in these countries with local language skills and video technology specific knowledge to accurately and efficiently communicate your business solution information.  

We are looking forward to talk to you about your needs. 

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