William & Stanley (WSL) Sales, Marketing and Investment
WSL Holdings


Focusing on Video Application and network transport Ancillary products, solutions and services for 4K video, 5G, AI, Medical IoT sectors which utilizing Telco, CableMSO, Satellite and CDN network transport and infrastructure.


  • Sales representation for parts of market to proof product validity, marketability and management capability prior to investment
  • Level of engagement including from marketing survey, marketing promoting, sales engagements, advising and fund infusion and share ownership, Private equity investment

Services offered

Product and market verification

  • sales in various region, US, Europe, South America and Asia

Sales representation

Marketing service

  • Translation service: specific technical and marketing terminology in specific sectors
  • Tradeshow representation
  • Promotion email campaign, roadshow and seminar arrangements

Investment arm

  • Funding sourcing and financial and capital market management